From left to right. Top left is A Rickard, Mick Marron, Vera Dardis, Kathleen Marron, Jack McGrane, Joe Marron, Lily Marron and a young Willie Snow far right with a young Billy Daly bottom left. The photo was taken after a St. Colmcilles football match. I’m not sure of the date. It was taken on the Malahide Road on the site where the Pavillions shopping centre now stands.

Saint Colmcilles G.A.A. Football Club was founded in 1935 in Swords Co. Dublin. We started out with no facilities for the players and shared football pitches with other clubs in the area. From Kettles Lane to Mountgorry to Balheary. In the early days the players had to ‘Tog Out’ in a hut or shed and even in the open field. The club has always been associated with the ‘Top Of The Town’ as that is where the founders of the club came from.

The men who started the club all them years ago were, Jerry Daly and John ”The Brown” Dardis from Rathingle, and Mr. Thomas and Mr. Lowdnes from the Forrest Road.

The clubhouse and playing fields are located at Hollybanks, Glen Ellen Road Swords. Large hall available for parties and functions of all kinds. There’s no land line phone for the club. You can email here The club bar is open to members and non members. The drink prices in the club house is the same as other bars in Swords There is no music in the club. The club president is Mick Joyce and the chairman is George Thomas. There’s a pool table and dart board.