Following the publication of the Irish Government’s Plan for Living with Covid 19 document on Sept 15th, the GAA’s Covid Advisory group has issued the following key updates for those involved in Gaelic Games in the 26 Counties:

* Use of Indoor Team Facilities

Dressing rooms, showers, gyms or indoor training facilities should remain closed for club activities, or for teams participating in 2nd schools or 3rd level competitions. This position will be reviewed in early October when further advice will issue.

Inter county activity has been classified as an exemption to the normal restrictive provisions by the Government. Therefore the use of such facilities currently is for Inter County Teams only (Senior, U20, Minor) and should be carried out in accordance with the Return to Training and Play for Inter County Teams advice document issued over the weekend.

Inter County players may use their relevant Club Gym once following the advice in the Inter County Return to Training and Play document.

* Club Training

If a County is classified as being at Level 1, training on a contact basis can take place as normal at all levels, but with the control measures as per the GAA’s Return to Play Document in place (i.e. Health Questionnaires etc)

All Counties are currently considered to be at Level 2 in the Government Classifications. This means teams can train outdoors on a contact basis in pods of up to 15 (underage).

Adult club teams can train as normal.

If a county moves to Level 3, underage training must be on a non-contact basis in pods of up to 15. Adult teams can continue to train as normal

If a county moves to Level 4 all outdoor training, both adult and underage, must be on a non-contact basis

A Level 5 classification means no organised outdoor gatherings (collective training) can take place.

* Attendances

There are no Counties currently classified as Level 1. If a County moves to this classification, up to 200 spectators can attend in grounds with an accredited capacity of less than 5,000 and up to 500 for grounds with a minimum accredited capacity of 5,000

All Counties are currently classified as Level 2. This means up to 100 spectators can attend in grounds with an accredited capacity of less than 5,000 and up to 200 for grounds with a minimum accredited capacity of 5,000 (note this does not apply to games taking place in Dublin at the moment where only 100 spectators are allowed to attend, irrespective of ground capacity).

The figures quoted above are in addition to players/match officials/stewards.

Where attendances are permitted for club games, the previously issued provisions on a parent/guardian being allowed attend at underage games should be factored into the final figure (i.e. parents/guardians should be included in the final 100 or 200 figure).

If a county moves to a Level 3 classification, no spectators are permitted, but adult club and county matches can continue to take place behind closed doors. Underage games cannot take place (U-18 or below)

At Level 4 only intercounty games can take place.

At Level 5 no games at all are permitted.

While it is not obligatory, Spectators at GAA games are encouraged to wear face masks where possible.

* Challenge Games

Challenge games at club level are permitted in Level 1 and Level 2 Counties only.

Club Challenge games in Level 3 Counties are not permitted – neither are clubs from Level 3 Counties (or Level 2 with additional restrictions) permitted to travel outside the County to play a challenge game.

Inter County Challenge games may take place in Level 3 or 4 Counties and inter county teams from such Counties may travel to other Counties to play a Challenge game (as per the Government Exemption for Inter County Teams)

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